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AU Watch Students' Forum

Centre of African Studies

AU Watch Students’ Forum (AUW-SF) is a student-driven platform for championing African development, bringing together leading thinkers in the field to stimulate informed discussion, challenge orthodox narratives, and bridge gaps in understanding between various development stakeholders.

Hosted by AU Watch Institute for the Study of the African Union – the largest centre of expertise for students in Africa – the AUW-SF contributes to an Africa with a Pan-African consciousness in which knowledge and history of the region is promoted, and the dignity and rights of all people are respected. It envisions an Africa where students are articulate, critical and concerning matters of development fundamental human rights and freedoms.

It organises an annual conference on different themes of interest, building on the ideas and expectations of those on the continent, and the contributions of the diaspora. Now in its 2nd year, the AUW-SF also runs a recently established blog dedicated to contemporary African affairs, which acts as a permanent space for debate, dialogue and conversation about Africa amongst students.

We are re-organising the Forum. Please come back soon and see what we are doing. But meanwhile if you need further information, why not drop us a line.

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