Support our NGO Forum for Heads of State and Government

At the margins of every Summit and for three days before the policy organs meet, AU Watch organizes an NGO forum, bringing together various NGOs to strengthen cooperation on democratic values, defend common interests, and debate the major issues facing the continent, and which are of importance to the African people. The NGO Forum shall place priority on generating timely, informed, and stimulating analysis that tackles the drivers of issues relating to social injustice, human rights, governance, corruption and insecurity in a region that continually faces diverse and dramatic political, economic, demographic, and environmental shifts. Our analysis and policy recommendations to the policy organs shall be distributed widely and available to the public via our TV and online radio programs, publications, blogs, videos, and podcasts.

The Summit normally attracts about 2,000 delegates from around the world, representing governments, civil society, the private sector, inter-governmental bodies and other stakeholders. Interested in helping organize this high profile event? Our volunteers carry out a wide range of tasks throughout the event. Activities range from working guiding our visitors and participants to the venue, supporting the conference within the venue as side events and exhibits assistants or registration desk support, working as ushers, room assistants, note-takers and information desk clerks, just to name a few.