Training and Mentorship

We are a highly professional & comprehensive training outfit based in Banjul, The Gambia. Skills development and training plays an important role in AU Watch’s mission of contributing to sustainable development and the AU Agenda 2063 program in Africa. Training ensures that our staff and collaborators are equipped with the skills, knowledge, husbandry, data interpretation and decision-making skills to contribute to set up and run a profitable pig farm. We provide people management training and support for managers and business owners. We also support organisations within the following sectors; media, leadership, farming, Agenda 2063, African Governance Architecture, anti-corruption and much more. We also offer range of advisory and consultancy services to the human rights sector.

What We Do

We organise and connect members to programmes that focus on skill development and mentorships. The programmes are organised in a way that encourage learning, and exchange of ideas. These for instance include:

• In consultation with local people, taking a collaborative and participatory approach, we develop practical solutions to local challenges, combining values-driven consultancy, training, research and learning across key themes.

• We strengthen the effectiveness of individuals and local organisations to challenge poverty and inequality, empowering people to gain greater control over their own future.We serve as a bridge between theory and practice, with analysis from research and evidence.

• Mentorship to assist more community members enter the job or business market.

• Entrepreneurial training for start-ups.

• IT related skills training that help our members access more opportunities in today’s tech-oriented world.

At AU Watch we believe that change starts with people, with citizens coming together to improve the world. We are a not-for-profit organisation that builds the skills and knowledge of civil society to be more effective in addressing poverty and inequality.​​


Government regulators, International NGOs, and Private funders to improve policy, strategy and practice related to civil society support.


– We work with members of the local community, policy makers, government regulators, improve policy, strategy and practice related to local issues within the community.

– Best-in-class training content

– Captivating and inspiring story telling

– One and one training

– On line training

– Bespoke programs

– Group training

– Certification


– Organisational & Capacity Development

– Understanding Development Work in Africa

– Toward and Understanding of Agenda 2063

-Advocacy Strategy and Influencing

-Media for Development Work

– M &E and &learning

– Financial management

– Human rights courses

– Anti-corruption courses

– Media training

– AU Studies

– Schools Outreach Training

– Stop the violence project

– Piggery training

– Programme Strategy and Design

*All courses have been carefully crafted to close sector specific training gaps. This enables NGOs to achieve their operational goals.

At AU Watch, we pride ourselves in knowing each NGO sector intimately; their strengths, gaps, the sector challenges and upcoming sector opportunities.

  • Currently available: Comprehensive suite of training materials and packages for a range of training within the African Human Rights System.
  • Coming: Comprehensive suite of training materials and packages for AU courses and anti-corruption courses.

​Why We Do What We Do​

  • We have a genuine interest and passion to see non-profits and our various publics gain access to professional training that is not cost or time prohibitive.
  • We work in particular to attract thoughtful young men and women to lives of public service, helping the expand their knowledge of policy processes at the AU, and developing their skills as future leaders.

Why Choose US?

  • We get you the results you want.
  • Courses to suit all levels of employees.
  • Training materials regularly updated.
  • We’re flexible and care more.We will give you real onboarding support and will set you and your organisation up for success.
  • Best in class training.Training is written by subject matter experts and then double checked by a governance team of nurses, psychologists and other qualified professionals.
  • Our knowledge of Africa is as broad as it is deep. We have in-depth regional and sectoral knowledge. We pride ourselves as uniquely privileged. Many of our staff and consultants have years of experience working with the AU, its Recs and civil society. All our consultants have knowledge of a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, with good organisational skills to manage complex assignments and to deliver on time.

If you are looking for a trusted organisation that knows everything there is to know about development in Africa, from your CEO to your extension worker, then you need to look no further then AU Watch’sTraining Centre.

We specialise in affordable training for all our publics and other NGOs. Our prices are affordable. Why not give us a call?

Schools Outreach Programme: “Understanding How African Union Works”

This mentorship program provides opportunity for young Africans in years 10-16 in junior and senior high schools to be mentored within the Africa we all want to see, led by the African Union.

Some components of “Understanding How African Union Works” also focus on the need to stop all forms of violence among the youths in schools, while exposing the various negative side effects of violence through lectures, talk shows and peer mentoring. This programme creates and establishes Support teams in schools to assist and provide support for identified year 10-16 students who may need more attention with their studies.

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To us, it is more about creativity, hybridity and unused potential.

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A six-month training and mentorship programme delivered with the aim of providing mentorship in capacity building, self-esteem and leadership. This project is focused on identifying what violence is and creating awareness on how to stop it, especially amongst the youths.

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We specialise in affordable training for all our publics and other NGOs. Our prices are affordable. Why not give us a call?