At AU Watch we are committed to the cause of Africa, whether that is lobbying to get a particular legislation passed or for a committed volunteer wanting to learn new skills. We also work with schools, CSOs and social enterprises, supporting and strengthening their operations. AU Watch is working with a few local CSOs and schools in West Africa to help them get connect to the Web. We are on the lookout for volunteers and have a number of different ways you can contribute and help us make change happen.


Volunteering offers a wide variety of opportunities to make a sustainable long-term difference.Why not volunteer for us? AU Watch needs a lot of hands. Volunteers are the unsung heroes of the charity sector and at AU Watch we welcome anyone who is willing to give up their time to make a difference to peoples’ lives. We need all the hands that are available. We encourage you to give your time to make the continent a better place. Volunteering is a great social leveler.It helps to build the skills and confidence of young people. At AU Watch, we believe volunteering is a great way to help our fellow Africans reach their full potential. Whether its building schools, health centres or community play grounds, or helping farmers produce more, or writing a letter to your politicians, or taking part in various projects to promote and protect human rights at the local and international level, there is a role for you.

Volunteering helps people build new skills employers are looking for. In The Gambia, we are working with local farms and businesses to train young people. We also work with the local Government to get all street-begging children off the streets into schools. We are also helping some communities to clean up their neighborhoods. Why not call us or drop in at your local AU Watch office and see what we can do together. We offer an array of volunteer roles, giving you the chance to support our unique experiment in state and nation building – from one-off events to longer-term commitments.

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