We Stand by Refugees, Always


In many countries in Africa, refugees, asylees and migrants are treated worse than animals. our staff work alongside other partners in a variety of locations ranging from capital cities to remote camps and border areas. They attempt to promote or provide legal and physical protection, and minimize the threat of violence – including sexual assault – which many refugees are subject to, even in countries of asylum. They also seek to provide at least a minimum of shelter, food, water and medical care in the immediate aftermath of any refugee exodus.

We provide resources such as legal aid, clothing donations, hygiene items, and other supplies that may be of benefit to those in need. Our core initiative in the Sene-Gambian area focuses on helping those in El Salvador to become financially stable in order to prevent immigration out of the country and to help those who have been returned to El Salvador by connecting migrants in finding employment, education and other resources to help them build a future in their home country.