Who We Are

Welcome to “Agenda No One Left Behind”

AU Watch’s Agenda 2063 Unit (popularly called “Agenda No One Left Behind”) is the organisation’s main unit that was purposefully set up to drive the vision of the AU’s Agenda 2063. It is a highly autonomous, self-governing unit within the AU Watch structure, working to promote and strengthen the AU’s Agenda 2063 vision of a democratic and human rights compliant societies by bringing together government, civil society, and the private sector – to build accountable, capable and transparent institutions, as we approach 2063. We have learned that a collaborative approach involving the AU, AU Member States, civil society and the private sector is the key to ensuring that all of us get into ‘2063’. So, we promote the vision of Agenda 2063 through advocacy&communication, research, publications, events, training, seminars, consultancy, conferences and awards.

A truly multi-disciplinary unit, our work, events and research encompasssocial justice issues, development, governance, rule of law, human rights, trade and finance.Through our trading subsidiary, ‘Agenda 2063 Innovations Ltd’, we provide a vital link between politics, finance, science, economics and business, enabling policies, technology and research to transfer to industry and for revenue to be generated to support our charitable purposes.

Our Mandate

‘Agenda No One Left behind’ derives its mandate from AU Watch’s Constitution and Rules as approved by the General Assembly in Banjul, The Gambia in 7 December 2014.

Our Vision

Our vision is for AU Watch, by 2025, to be seen as Africa’s most innovative development and social justice organisation – that is using cutting edge processes to prepare Africa for ‘2063’.

Our Core Values

• Professionalism.
• Integrity
• Good governance
• Results orientated
• Transparency and accountability
• Teamwork

Our Mission

Our main mission is to promote and spearhead civil society response and contribution,assisting the AU and its Members, to get Africa into ‘2063’. The way in which we intend to achieve our mission is by:

  • Providing a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences between among development practitioners, academics and other stakeholders in Africa about the direction of Vision 2063.
  • Staging world-class events that promotes the vision and mission of Agenda 2063, including media, advocacy & communication, training, leadership,awardsand research events;
  • Promoting and undertaking world-class research on the implementation of Agenda 2063, and pedagogic research and seminars, including designing and writing Agenda 2063 syllabuses, curriculums and books for schools and colleges;
  • Bringing together the AU, AU Member States, leading African scholars and administrators to discuss and find solutions how the vision can be included and promoted within the curriculum of schools;
  • Undertaking and enable world-class economic, science and technology development;
  • Fostering professionalization and excellence of Agenda 2063 management in Africa;
  • Assisting, encouraging and contributing to finding solutions to challenges facing the implementation of the vision of Agenda 2063;
  • Fostering affiliation and maintaining liaison with other international bodies and organizations interested in the vision of Agenda 2063.

Going forwards, we will better exploit the synergies across these different supporting pillars of our mission to drive novel and innovative approaches to our work, enabling us to do things that are distinctive and that few others could do.