Women's Leadership And Civic Journalism

The press in The Gambia is exceedingly weak. There are very few women in journalism.

Brief Description
The project in collaboration with Radio FM and xxxxxx newspaper will start a conversation with women in The Gambia on issues like health, education, political participation, human rights, and entertainment. Programs will be created and presented by women, feature interviews with women leaders and portray women in a way that encourages leadership roles in their communities.

The second phase of the program will allow a greater depth of capacity building for women reporters, Radio FM and xxxxxx staff and Community Based Organization members to help them more effectively advocate (through radio programming and community-based activities of listening groups) for increased roles for women in community decision-making while addressing the underlying barriers that often keep women from these roles.

(a) the Women’s Leadership and Civic Journalism project seeks to promote women’s leadership at the community level by increasing the presence of women in local media.

(b) to build the capacity of women to be active participants within the media industry in The Gambia.