Write For Us

Are you looking to earn a bit of money writing? Freelancing for AU Watch gives you the opportunity to work from home. We were founded by a lifelong serial entrepreneur with wide-ranging experience, a trained and experienced journalist, award-winning advisor on international and business law and visionary Dr Feyi Ogunade, to provide practical information and inspiration about how to start and run a journalism network.
As one of the leading civil society organisations, we bring journalistic rigor and credible, peer-review science to bear, by providing a toolbox of research and expert-backed strategies to all our projects and interventions.

So, though we have a pool of regular journalists and contributors that we work with, we do welcome submitted articles when relevant and well presented. Please note that not all submitted articles will be published, this will be at the discretion of one of the editors. If you would like to write for us, or you have a story that you think we will be interested in, please see below for our editorial guidelines.

What sort of thing are we looking for?
Surprise us. We often don’t know what we’ll like until we read it. Even though we strive for artistic excellence while showcasing the unique and diverse stories within our journalism community, we are looking for smart writing that advances the conversation about how the media can contribute to democracy. Are you able to pitch it at a leadership level, but interesting enough for other members of our community to be consumed with the fire within you? Are you able to provide practical advice or inspiration that will help us accelerate progress further and faster?AU-focused pieces take priority but we are also interested in stories from around the continent.

Content can take the form of opinion pieces, profile pieces and analysis, reviews, feature articles, interviews, case studies, critiques, surveys, research and commentaries. Photographs? Oh, we’ll love to have them. Please provide a context. As you may have noticed, Media Development, Africa is a daily exploration of the intersection of human interests stories, human rights and politics. Take a look at our magazine and website to see what type of articles we like to run.If you are a journalist looking to submit a piece, we will require a fully-formed idea and a plan on how you can deliver. A page will do. I tell you what, even motivational videos are welcomed.

By the way, we also train budding journalists interested in human rights. I think you get the general idea.

How do I pitch?

 Send a short, concise pitch to [email protected] with a few words about yourself and a link to one or two of your previous pieces of work, if you have any.

Why didn’t you reply to my proposal?

We aim to reply to submissions we want to commission within a week, but sometimes the demands of running a busy editorial desk take priority. Feel free to send one follow up e-mail if we haven’t got back to you within a few days.

Will you pay me?

We pay our journalists. We do not pay for content that is written by businesses, charities, government bodies, think tanks, academics or any organisation that will benefit from the promotional opportunity that editorial offers.

For journalists: please make sure to negotiate your fee before the piece is accepted.

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